President's Message

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Mitch London, President AANR-SW

August 2020

The really hot part of the year is upon us and nothing is nicer than doin a little skinny dipping in a pool. Some resorts are open to outside visitors some are still members only. Be sure and contact any club you plan on visiting beforehand to see what their policies are.

I have been very fortunate this year to have many opportunities to promote our region on both radio and newspaper. This past month I have been interviewed about my cooking show, This Dude Cooks in the Nude by

I have also been asked to relate similar information to AANR West for their newsletter.  On our Twitter page, you can find links to the show as well as other nudist related topics. One thing I mentioned on twitter was that since we all wear masks pretty much everywhere we go, this is a great opportunity for us to proudly wear our nudist related hats and shirts in public to give ourselves some free advertising. Since you are wearing a mask the chance of being recognized is lower and it may even build a little more confidence in you to be more open about being a nudist or naturist. I wear my club and resort shirts when I go shopping and I have never gotten a scowl or a curt word my direction. Usually just silence and a smile or, “I like your shirt.” It also makes a great shirt to wear to the gym; once they open back up.

I do have some good news. Riverside Ranch has been sold and the new owners do not want the swingers to remain and they, while not nudists themselves, would like the real nudists to remain and may even re join AANR! They are changing their name and have received guidance from AANR about what steps they can take.

Please stay safe during these times. Practice social distancing and take all precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Stay Naked!!

Mitch London, AANR-SW President

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